English for native speaking children

That's fun! Englisch lernen in kleine Gruppen
That's fun! Englisch lernen in kleine Gruppen

 English courses for native speakers.


Consistent exposure to the English language is vital. If you’re a parent of a native speaking child, let your child have the opportunity to remain immersed in an English-rich environment, taught by a native speaking teacher, using the English curriculum. We have two groups available targeted at both emergent and proficient learners. The courses provide an integrated learning environment (with emphasis on reading, writing and speaking), to teach the core competencies your child will need to keep current within the school systems of the Anglo sphere. Our emergent learners focus on learning English letter sounds, high frequency words, and poetry/rhyming words. The proficient learners group develop skills to decode words, build comprehension, make inferences, conduct error analysis and express views. All of our classes are run in small groups, with a highly supportive learning environment, personalised for wherever your child is at on their learning journey.


If you are interested in courses in Stuttgart-West or for older children just let us know.




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